DOVE Chocolate Brings to Life Stories of a Love Less Ordinary this Valentine’s Day

10308122_10153047330939561_4998940414864355324_nLove stories aren’t always perfect fairytales – but they’re always worth celebrating. As people around the world take a moment to cherish their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, DOVE Chocolate is celebrating love stories that are a little less ordinary.

Through an online video series on the DOVE Chocolate YouTube Channel, three couples tell their stories firsthand. From the touching but amusing account of a spontaneous marriage that began on a farm to a romance-filled grand proposal that came at the end of a ballet, these stories show that the imperfect, real nature of love should always be cherished.

“We wanted to find and showcase stories of couples who share our passion for taking pleasure in all of life’s great moments, big and small,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, Director, DOVE Brand. “With our silky smooth chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter, DOVE  is known for bringing chocolate lovers a ‘pleasure less ordinary’ – and these tales of love deliver on our promise to revel in the unexpected.”

Love Less Ordinary Stories

The Ballet Fairytale – Julia and Zachary met as professional dancers when dancing for the San Francisco Ballet. They fell in love while on tour in Spain and Zachary later proposed after the curtain call while both were performing the leads in Romeo & Juliet.

City Girl. Country Love. – Connie and Michael met on the Northumberland Studs Farm in Nashville, Tennessee, where Connie’s big-city upbringing forced her to fake her knowledge of horseback riding to try to gain Michael’s attention. The two spontaneously got married after they got a call from Michael’s mother in Ohio before Thanksgiving letting them know there wasn’t enough room for both of them to have their own separate rooms, as his mother didn’t believe in cohabitation. When Michael hung up the phone, he looked at Connie and said, “Well I guess we’ve just gotta go get married then!”

Vicky’s Proposal – Jonathan had proposed to his girlfriend Vicky twice during their seven year relationship. When Vicky felt the time was right, she made up her mind to ask him herself with the help of their family and friends at a local chapel. Each person held a sign telling the history of Jonathan and Vicky’s courtship and at the end, the signs flipped over to reveal her proposal: “Make her the luckiest girl in the world.” Before saying yes, Jonathan turned the tables and insisted she would be making him the luckiest guy in the world.

DOVE invites everyone to be inspired by these couples – and others like Janice and Prentiss who are featured in a photo essay on the DOVE Facebook page – and share their own unique stories of love less ordinary this Valentine’s Day on Facebook or Twitter using #LoveLessOrdinary.

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