Eat With Your Eyes Creates New Branding for Casual Dining Group Concept at Heathrow T3 & T5

Eat With Your Eyes, a food and drink branding agency from Bedford, recently completed a project with Casual Dining Group to create the full positioning story, brand styling and tone of voice for a new pub/coffee house/restaurant concept at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Ale & Coffee Houses are modern British pubs with a hankering for the delicious, providing customers with their favourite local pub, coffee house and restaurant experiences – all under one roof.

As well as the Ale & Coffee House umbrella branding, Eat With Your Eyes created all of the individual location branding for the two venues. Each of them is a contemporary twist on the classic, with a large helping of clever humour, Britishness, and off beat thoughts conjured by the unique names.

At Heathrow’s T5 is ‘The George’ Ale & Coffee House, which is based on lonesome George – a male Pinta Island tortoise who was the last known individual of the species. In his last years, he was known as the rarest creature in the world. Unique, heroic and adorned with his top hat, George is at once stylish and dignified as he stands alone.

At T3 is ‘The Darwin’ Ale & Coffee House, which, like Charles Darwin, looks at things from a new perspective. Challenging the status quo and embracing the diversity of life, a monkey was chosen as the hero in this story – a proud, adaptive evolutionary standard-bearer.

The strong, colourful site personalities come through in both the interiors as well as all customer communications – including the pub identities, food and drink menus, A-boards and uniforms.

Source: Eat With Your Eyes

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