Eggo Bites: New On-The-Go Breakfast Option for Busy Moms, Families

KELLOGG COMPANY EGGO BITESSchool day mornings can be chaotic, to say the least. Moms must juggle a lot to prepare their families for the day ahead. One-third of moms consider their morning routines a ‘Traveling Circus,’ a new survey from Eggo finds. As a result, there just isn’t time to enjoy the family’s favorite waffles and French toast—until now.

A new, away-from-the-table line of Eggo waffles and French toast, called Eggo Bites, provides a family breakfast favorite on the busiest weekday mornings.

Moms have a tough job getting their kids ready for the day and on some of the crazier mornings, the opportunity to serve a sit-down breakfast just isn’t there,” said Andrew Loucks, president of Kellogg’s Frozen Food.

“Eggo Bites adapts to moms’ needs and treats families to a quick, tasty, warm waffle breakfast option they can enjoy away from the table anytime, anywhere.”

Eggo Bites are microwaveable, portable pouches of bite-sized, flavored waffles or French toast. They are available nationwide in the US, in grocery stores for a suggested retail price of $2.99, and come in maple flavor (waffles), and cinnamon and vanilla flavors (French toast). Without the need for syrup, plates or silverware, Eggo Bites are the easiest Eggo ever!

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