Food & Beverage News e-Zine: Issue 2

F&B News EZine - Issue 2 CoverIt is time for the 2nd Issue of our e-zine and as most big Hollywood movie franchises have found out – The sequel is not the easiest thing to make.

But we hope our effort is more like ‘The Dark Knight’ rather than ‘Batman & Robin’. We have made a conscious effort to step-up our game with this one and hopefully that comes through.

We have a new design and a good mix of stories in this issue.

In this publication we revisit some key events of the last few months such as the birth of the Royal Baby and the FAB Awards ceremony.

We have Playable Beer Bottles, Sushi Helicopters and Coke cans that can be split in half.

The aim of this e-zine is to bring you stories, we felt are worth highlighting for you again, in an easy to download and store format.

Food & Beverage News has received a lot of love from you our faithful readers and our peers in the industry and we hope this will continue for a long time still.

As always we love to hear what you have to say – so if you have any suggestions, recommendations, story idea or criticisms – please contact us

By Mahir Prasad
(M Prasad is Sr. Journalist and Features Editor at

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