Food Packaging Could Feature Revived GI Logo

gi-logo-big-leatherhead-food-researc_660UK food retailers could soon be able to use low-glycaemic index labels, six years after they were withdrawn in a European ban.

Leatherhead Food Research, which offers research and regulatory advice, says it is reviving its low-GI logo after finding a loophole around the ban.

The low-GI logo was introduced in 2004, but withdrawn in 2007 after regulations were passed requiring European Commission approval for any food labelling suggesting a health benefit.

Leatherhead says a loophole will allow food brands to use the GI labelling until 2022, providing they registered before 2005.

A spokeswoman for Leatherhead says, ‘Any logo that would apply a health benefit that was registered before the regulation came into force would have an extension of use until 2022.’

She adds, ‘There has been a high level of interest in the opportunity to use a GI logo on products… interest has come from retailers as well as specific product providers.’

Leatherhead is still finalising terms of use for the logo, but says it should start appearing on-shelf soon.

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