Fortnum & Mason Unveils Their ‘Together We’re Merrier’ Christmas Campaign

At a time when Christmas campaigns are almost more hotly anticipated as Christmas itself, nothing sings ‘traditional English Christmas time’ more than Fortnum & Mason, and 2017 bringing it to life with her beautiful illustrations, is Jelly London’s very own Chervelle Fryer.

Jelly worked closely with Otherway to help realise their vision for this year’s Fortnum’s Christmas campaign. Taking form as a monumental illustrative frieze, the windows show scenes of interactions between classic Fortnum & Mason characters, taking life from the depths of Chervelle’s imagination and a range of classic personified Christmas products. The heart-warming message that ‘Together We’re Merrier’ resonates throughout… the coming together of people, no matter how diverse.

As the windows were unveiled on the dot of midnight, Chervelle’s charmed cast of characters came to life in 3D form, feasting on the Fortnum’s hampers and popping open the Christmas champers. The press arrived in special wrapped Fortnum & Mason black cabs, which you can now see roving around Piccadilly!

The print is a beautiful thing. A catalogue to be coveted with a wraparound dust sleeve featuring the full illustration, with characters dotted throughout. The gold foil type of Alison Carmichael’s ‘Together We’re Merrier’ also features on the cover – it’s a Jelly London takeover!

Mixing the heritage of Fortnum & Mason and spot on art direction from the wonderful team at Otherway, you can see…

A tuxedo wearing, dapper Indian elephant in a tiny boat, popping a bottle of Fortnum’s champagne over a party clad shoal of fish. A balloon basket with a gang of personified products come to life to help pull the cork.

A Christmas tree is being decorated by a team of birds and bees, whilst a team of presents at the base of the tree excitedly help and clap with excitement.

There’s a long feasting table going off into the distance with a procession of hampers, a pipe organ that is complete with singing pipes/candles along with a Wolf and his band of sheep, sitting on a maraca playing crocodile – naturally!

A laughing clock holds Mr. Fortnum & Mr. Mason either side of it. Two penguins in waistcoats are at the top of an Advent Calendar ‘building’ opening the top windows which represent the 24th of December.

The flame of a log fire is reading last year’s ‘Together we’re Merrier’ catalogue to smiling logs whilst a Fortnum & Mason rocket carries animals which are dropping off hampers/presents in parachutes… There’s certainly enough to keep you peering for some time.

As arguably the most quintessentially Christmassy and traditional British shop – whose Christmas window display is eagerly anticipated each year by people across the globe – Jelly London were immensely proud to be part of such a wonderful project.

Source: Little Black Book

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