Fun, Playful Milkshake Packaging Features A Barcode Cat & A Talking Cow

3 Korovy 2 Kota1Russian designer Olga Mosina of Brandiziac, has created a fun illustrated packaging for a line of milkshakes by the “3 Korovy 2 Kota” brand, which translate to “3 cows and 2 cats”.

Inspired by the brand’s very descriptive name, the designer decided to create an animal character for each flavor—the three fruit flavors are represented by a trio of cows while the chocolate milkshake features a pair of cats on its box.

In addition to the cute illustrations on the front of the packaging, Mosina has also gotten creative with the barcode and nutritional information on the back—the barcode was reimagined as a smiling cat while a series of eye-catching pictographs offers consumers all the necessary information about the product.

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