Glenfiddich Brings Single Malts to Life with Beauty Imagery

beauty_ad_21yoGlenfiddich has unveiled the results of a major photography project that includes beauty imagery for its 21 Year Old and Rare Collection of most exclusive and oldest whiskies.

Working with UK design agency Purple Creative, the brains behind the brand’s new visual identity, the photography project saw Purple commission photographers Ted Humble-Smith and Benedict Morgan bring the creative to life.

For the 21 Year Old, a rare and unusual whisky which is finished in Caribbean rum cask, Morgan shot the bottle in front of textural Caribbean ‘splashes’ showcasing the varying colours of a Caribbean sunset.

“Purple were very open to ideas and feelings about the shoot, and because it was inspired by a previous shoot I had done with the Philharmonic which also used paint, we already had a lot of the technicalities ironed out,” explained Morgan. “The ultimate aim is to capture lovely incidental moments of impact, which feel convincing.”

The Rare Collection image was created around the theme of contemporary craftsmanship which is both modern yet luxurious. The resulting image visually represents the hand-made leather box the Collection is sold in using rolls of undulating leather swatches.

Humble-Smith said: “The challenge is bringing the creative to life, as with these types of commission you don’t have a vast amount of movement. However you can take the project through a kind of evolution, as you work out how you are physically going to construct the image.

glenfiddich_rare_collection_beauty“A great deal of the result is shaped by the route you take to get there. The environment that the hero bottle resides in is the starting point. Exploring that material is vital to find out what we can do, and how we will do it.”

Gary Westlake, Purple’s founding partner and creative director, added that the beauty imagery was important to the brand to tell “the variant’s unique story” and project “the right attitude and personality” as well as “show-off the luxury cues of the brand.”

“The photography has to do many jobs – to be emotive, thought provoking, inspirational and above all memorable, especially in the perpetually busy on and off-trade environments where it will live and where the life span of images is surprisingly long. Storytelling is of course pivotal for a brand, and photography and imagery play a key part in that,” he added.

Purple has worked with the Glenfiddich brand for almost a decade.

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