Go Vegan World Launches Christmas and New Year Campaign

If you have reached adulthood believing that cows automatically produce milk without being impregnated and giving birth, that hens naturally lay eggs every day, that animals are gently put to sleep in slaughterhouses, and that they all exist so that we can use them as our food, clothing, entertainment and research, then your beliefs are not based in fact.

You have been thoroughly brainwashed by industries that profit from your ignorance. It is a human right to know the truth of how our daily choices affect others, as well as ourselves and the earth we all depend on for our existence.

Following a very successful year which saw millions of people across the UK accessing the Go Vegan World message, and the landmark ruling against the dairy industry and in favour of Go Vegan World’s right to the claim that dairy is inhumane, Go Vegan World now launches its Christmas and New Year campaign across the UK.

Veganism avoids perpetrating unnecessary violence to animals whose lives matter as much to them as our human lives matter to us. Every time we make a choice as to how we meet our needs and desires, we can be vegan or we can be violent. There is no third choice.

Far divorced from the growing presentation of veganism as a trendy lifestyle or restrictive diet, Go Vegan World offers a refreshingly simple look at the facts motivating this non-violent way of living that is the least we owe other lives.

Watch out for thought-provoking adverts, including a takeover of Clapham Common Tube Station, in the run up to Christmas and throughout the New Year. The ads link to the website and the helpful free Vegan Guide.

Source: Go Vegan World 

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