GODIVA Introduces Mexican Single Origin Chocolate Bars

54_F16_GTastingSet_173651_aGODIVA is delighted to announce the launch of G by GODIVA. The exquisite collection of six super premium chocolate flavours brings taste lovers on an authentic chocolate experience that enchants all senses.

Launching with a divine selection of Mexican single origin chocolate bars, G by GODIVA features both solid and decadent combinations enrobed in milk or dark chocolate couvertures. Once celebrated in ancient South American civilizations as a ‘food of the gods’, the Mexican single origin chocolate was selected by GODIVA’s chef chocolatiers for its purity of origin, smoothness and depth of flavour.

For the chocolate purist, the 42% milk chocolate bar has hints of white flowers, peaches, apricots and vanilla that gives a well-balanced caress of the tongue. The sumptuous 68% dark chocolate has hints of licorice, plums and tobacco leaves; offering chocolate lovers a more intense taste experience.

Three bars within the collection feature exciting ingredient combinations including Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp and the Dark Chocolate Orange & Ginger Flavour. All of the premium ingredients in the collection are carefully selected and expertly blended with the Mexican chocolate by GODIVA’s chef chocolatiers.

53_F16_GDarkSet_173660_aCompleting the collection is the Blonde Chocolate & Salted Caramel bar. Sure to become a new classic, the blonde chocolate is crafted from a blend of white chocolate and caramelized milk chocolate and then enhanced with crunchy buttered salted caramel.

GODIVA Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostoulou, explains, “We created this collection with the spirit of a master mixologist in mind; inventing an array of vibrant flavours to blend with the Mexican origin cocoa beans. We wanted to ensure that every bar would take chocolate lovers on a special journey of taste and texture.”

The specially-designed mold is comprised of small chocolate tiles that hold delicate concave circles, creating an elegant bar. The stylish packaging features bold blocks of vibrant colors on premium textured paper with a metallic ‘G’ embellishing the top. Both set the scene for the magnificent taste experience within.

“G by GODIVA is where authenticity and quality meet art and passion. This is a unique collection that offers an elevated, special and memorable chocolate experience” said Chef Jean Apostoulou.

G by GODIVA is now available in US stores and GODIVA.com for $7 per bar.

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