Grapples Relaunched in The US Market

grappleIt’s autumn, which for millions means the best apples in the world are arriving in stores. Along with the many delicious traditional apples, consumers anticipate the arrival of Grapple brand apples.

Grapples are the only apple on the market that actually crunches like an apple, and tastes like a grape. This healthy apple offers an alternative to consumers especially amongst children and young adults who crave a little something more from an apple.

“The arrival of Grapples each fall has become a highly anticipated event for those who have come to love this unique produce offering,” said Todd Snyder, co-developer of Grapples. “Each year we get a lot of queries asking when they will be in stores.”

Grapple brand apples begin either as Washington state Gala or Fuji apples. The Fuji is known for being an immensely flavorful, big, super-sweet, crisp apple. Galas are a crisp, aromatically sweet, snappy apple. Through a complex, patented process, these apples are gently bathed with an ingredient mix that is primarily grape flavor and pure water. Through this method, the naturally porous apples take on a unique taste and aroma without compromising on the health benefits of eating an apple.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAGrapple brand apples contain the same health benefits as other apples. The process of making them does not add any extra sugar, calories, carbohydrates or anything else; in fact the apple maintains its natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients & fiber. They are a good source of fiber, have a low glycemic index and contain about 95 calories, depending on the size.

They are not genetically altered in any way. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

“Ask parents about packing a healthy lunch or snack for their children and they will tell you that’s only half the problem; the other is getting the kids to eat what’s good for them. Fortunately Grapples intrigue kids who love the combination of great taste and Concord grape aroma emitted by them. Little do they know just how good a Grapple is for them!” adds Snyder.

Grapple brand apples are widely available in grocery stores nationwide from October through May. They are sold in a 4-pack clamshell with an average MSRP of $3.49-$5.99 or in a 4-pack poly sleeve with an average MSRP of $2.99-$3.99.

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