Guinness to launch ‘Made of More’ advertising campaign

Diageo, owner of Guinness, announces details of a new multimedia advertising campaign that will run in both Great Britain and Ireland. The new creative campaign reinforces the brand positioning – “Made of More” – and features a TV advert entitled “Cloud”, to be exclusively previewed on the UK and Irish Guinness Facebook page on 1st October at 12 noon and then on TV, digital and in cinema from 4th October.

Created by AMV BBDO, the campaign celebrates the attitude shared by the brand and its drinkers – getting more out of life by putting more in. The creative, also features print and digital.

“Cloud”, the first film, directed by award-winning Peter Thwaites from Gorgeous, was shot on location in South Africa in both Johannesburg and along the Durban coastline. It follows the extraordinary journey of a rather unusual cloud, a metaphor to show the amazing things that can happen when we challenge ourselves to make the most of who we are. The film, which will have 90”, 60” and 30” versions, shows a lone cloud breaking away from a cloudy mass, slowing down, no longer blown along by the elements. The cloud chooses its own path, and floats in from the ocean to explore the city below, no longer a simple cloud but something „made of more‟.

As the film progresses, the cloud engages with people, places and objects below, seeing itself reflected in mirrored skyscraper, darkening as it approaches the scene of a fierce industrial fire before the dramatic climax. The cloud then gently drifts back, ocean-bound, and gradually merges into a swirling pint of Guinness, before resolving with the new endline Guinness. Made of More.

The campaign will also include Out of Home creative further developing the “Made of More” positioning. Using four extraordinary visuals shot by renowned photographer Nadav Kandar on location at the Olympic National Park, Washington State, they reveal unique creatures which evidently refuse to settle for the ordinary: a woodpecker has sculptured itself an elaborate home, a caterpillar has delicately nibbled out highly detailed scene in a leaf, and a spider has spun an intricate web depicting other insects to tempt its prey. A fourth poster shows a swarm of fireflies that have come together to make the shape of a beautiful chandelier on an overhanging branch.

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