Handcrafted Bourbon Whisky J.R. Revelry Launches In New York

JR Revelry - New Handcrafted Bourbon WhiskeyLa Bodega Internacional (LBI), a Hispanic-owned, handcrafted premium spirits company based in Atlanta, has announced the launch of J.R. Revelry, a new, 90 proof bourbon that provides a unique, smooth taste for new and existing craft whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

J.R. Revelry has a smooth, approachable flavour profile, with a rich amber appearance and a solid, pleasing bouquet. The taste features a fresh fruit flavour, with a hint of baking spices. The finish features more spices and fresh oak, with a hint of smoke.

J.R. Revelry was created by Jesus Ricardo, “Rick” Tapia, as a result of his passion for American Whisky, bringing his spirits expertise and Latino heritage to this new brand. The name J.R. Revelry comes from Rick’s initials, J.R., and the Revelry comes from the atmosphere of celebration that this whisky should engender.

“I wanted to create a brand that was a tribute to my past, and a drink for whisky adventurers who don’t chase trends, but enjoy discovering new flavours” said Rick Tapia, Founder and CEO of La Bodega Internacional.  “With J.R. Revelry, I’m starting to achieve my American Dream of creating the first craft bourbon in a line of spirits that provide interesting flavours and a smooth taste”.

J.R. Revelry is the first bourbon whisky created and owned by LBI, the first Hispanic American-owned Distilled Spirits Beverage Company and certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise).

“As a minority-owned business we are committed to a workplace and supplier base that is diverse; and makes us a stronger company,” said Rick Tapia “J.R. Revelry is well-positioned to not only leverage the fastest-growing whisky category: American bourbon, but also the growing Hispanic population”.

B5QdHGmIQAAllJGBorn in Lima, Peru, Rick Tapia moved to New York City at the age of five. His parents’ hard work and sacrifice motivated Rick to pursue a business degree from Boston University. Over 17 years, Tapia worked for the finest names in the spirits industry, developing a refined taste and unique expertise in the field. This expertise led him to create J.R. Revelry.

From the bottle, to the bourbon inside it, to the label, J.R. Revelry is an All-American (100% Made in the U.S. – Certified) craft bourbon whisky that is debuting in 2015 to delight the palates of those who look for the smooth, flavourful taste of a well-crafted bourbon.

Rick Tapia has created J.R. Revelry with the goal to establish his own American Dream of an independent, family owned distillery that will last for generations to come. Following the steps of many generations of whisky distillers in the U.S., Rick wants to build his own legacy, for his daughter and future grandchildren.

J.R. Revelry is available in New York, at a suggested retail price of $34.99 per 750 ml bottle.

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