Hart & Jones injects modernity into Birell Non-Alcoholic Beer designs

Hart & Jones injects modernity into Birell Non-Alcoholic Beer designs

Birell, the market leading non-alcoholic beer brand in the Czech Republic, has partnered with Hart & Jones to deliver fresh new designs for their core range.

Simon Jones, Managing Director at Hart & Jones, explained how this project was much more than just a face lift:

“Birell was ahead of its time when it launched in 1992, it was seen as a modern way to drink beer as attitudes to the effects of alcohol changed. But in recent years, amidst a raft of exciting new designs and innovations, Birell was looking left behind, its expression of ‘modern’ had become out-dated and tired. We wanted to take the market leader confidently into the future by making the brand feel fresh and relevant to the next generation of NAB drinkers but without losing Birell’s heritage.”     

Hart & Jones used their expertise in semiotics to understand the cultural cues that needed to be incorporated in the new design to create this fresh identity that reflects what makes Birell unique.

Chris Hart, Creative Director at Hart & Jones explained:

“What feels modern to consumers now is to celebrate craft and quality, a reassurance of product and brand authenticity.  Birell uses the same brewing process as beer, resulting in a high-quality fully brewed beer without the alcohol. This unique process is what gives Birell its signature full taste. With the new designs we elevated the real beer cues up the visual hierarchy with a bespoke hops illustration and detailing to evoke a crafted feel, in celebration of what makes Birell so special.” 

The new look Birell core range is on sale now in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Birell has a 70% share of the non-alcoholic beer market in the Czech Republic.

Source: Hart&Jones

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