Hay Hampers Brings Gourmet Truffles To The Masses

GF73C_TheTrufflePigHay Hampers are launching a brand new range of gourmet truffle based hampers at desirable prices to everyone. From artisan cheese to genuine Italian salami through award-winning sauces, all these products come direct from a family estate in Italy exclusive to Hay Hampers in the UK to create top class gift hampers.

Highly revered in gastronomy for their unusual and distinctive, rich and earthy flavour, truffles are wild fungus that only grow deep underground in forests, in a cool and damp ground of clay and limestone, at an average temperature of 6°C and under the shade of certain trees. This makes them a rarity and expertise is needed to find them. For this reason truffles could cost a fortune.

However, Hay Hampers with their 30-year-experience in sourcing fine food and wine in Europe are bringing these premium truffle products to the UK for everyone to enjoy with their family, not just in a Michelin star fine dining restaurant or in a Mayfair kitchen.

Hay Hampers truffle products are produced by an Italian family-run business dedicated to the hunting of truffles for many generations. Grandfather Tarquinio used to hunt truffles in the woods of oaks and poplars with his faithful dog Ufo every morning. Once at home, his wife Italia would be happy to prepare a truffle meal for him and his children.

GF71C_TruffleHunterItaliaTartufi, that’s the company name, still keep this story as part of their tradition.

Gabriele Da Re, managing director at Hay Hampers Ltd, said: “The reason for this choice is to be found in the fact that genuine Italian food is not that easy to find in the UK; there are many counterfeit products which pretend to be Italian but actually aren’t. We at Hay Hampers bring just authentic fine products to the UK.”

The introduction of these new Italian products marks once again Hay Hampers strategy to offer authentic products made by small artisan producers around the world, who represent quality and excellent value for money.

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