Heinz’s new web presence is in the can, thanks to London agency ShopTalk

ShopTalk creates a new website identity for iconic food brand Heinz, building on the international brand refresh by JKR.

Heinz, which turned 150 last year, has just undergone a comprehensive redesign. ShopTalk was brought on board to help build on the digital expression of the new branding, communicating it effectively and consistently across all Heinz brand websites.

Now boasting a product range of more than 5,700 varieties (rather than the famous ‘57 varieties’), it was essential that the design could accommodate the individual identities and personalities of all the different sub brands – Beanz, Pasta, Sauces, Soups and more – under an all-encompassing Heinz umbrella. The work also needed to be robust and flexible enough to roll out seamlessly across more than 18 markets, taking on board myriad cultural responses to design cues.    

Recipe for success

Henry Hepworth, EMEA digital marketing manager, The Kraft Heinz Company, says: “ShopTalk were the first people we called – they’d done such a great job on our Bull’s-Eye brand sites already. The team has really brought the Heinz brand to life in digital – building on the great work by JKR. They are a breath of fresh air to work with. They simplify, move quickly and find quick solutions to all the challenges that we throw at them.”

A better approach

To achieve this, ShopTalk took an immersive, interactive approach, connecting people with the products throughout all brand communications. So, rather than relying on static images of product line-ups, many of the visuals focus on how people can use the goods, demonstrating the ‘simple greatness’ and ‘Heinz makes it better’ thinking.  

The straightforward design approach also heroes the individual product ‘personalities’, but always with a clear Heinz brand presence. People are invited to find out more about the company, the products, the history. There are recipe forums and news updates, and the brand messaging is evident at every touchpoint.

Paul Ferry, co-founder and director, ShopTalk, says: “Heinz has such a strong brand presence, so we wanted to shine a light on it rather than reinvent it. As a brand, it means so many different things to so many people, but it is always open, honest and reliable. The new format, which is simple and not overly designed, reflects that and makes it infinitely adaptable. It has a much more stripped-back and ‘human’ interface now.” 

Source: ShopTalk

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