HungryHouse Reveals what Brits will Be Eating in 2016 studied users’ ordering trends over the last 12 months revealing an increase in trendy cuisines such as Korean, Thai and Caribbean, as UK residents look to bring street food in to their living rooms.

The online food ordering platform has found more and more customers each year are wanting to test their taste buds and try more adventurous cuisines, with ⅔ of hungryhouse users regularly venturing away from the nation’s favourites of pizza, curry and Chinese.

Hungry-House-Day-117864_1Following the popularity of Korean at street food markets, the cuisine has grown by a massive 85.4% in orders, more than any other cuisine on the platform, indicating that many Brits are choosing to incorporate more exotic dishes in to their daily routine. Whilst Korean has been getting all the attention, it seems the humble Chicken Korma has decreased in popularity, by 28% compared with 2014.

Trendy favourites such as Thai and Caribbean have had a firm place in takeaway for a while, but last year saw people stepping out of their culinary comfort zone of Thai Green Curry, opting instead for Panang Curry. According to hungryhouse data, more than half of users would choose Panang Curry or something else over the more traditional Thai Green.

hh-2015-Curry---Hands-02Also receiving numerous positive reviews and reorders is Curried Goat, which is set to surpass Caribbean favourite Jerk Chicken in popularity, indicating a growing curiosity for trying new things.

Scott Fletcher, CEO, comments: “As we enter another year, it’s great to look back and see how customers’ ordering habits have changed over the last 12 months. Personally I think it’s exciting to see the growing interest in different cuisines – especially the street food trend which is really starting to impact the industry.

“We’re following these trends and continually adding more restaurants and cuisines to our platform so we can offer a wide variety of these new and exciting foods to our customers, as they become more adventurous with their top takeaway picks in 2016.”

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