Iconic Fritters are joined by another Chip Shop favourite – Curry Sauce

SPAM® Fritters have been a chip shop fave for many decades and now these iconic fritters are joined by another chippy favourite – curry sauce.  New frozen SPAM® Chip Shop Curry Fritters can be oven cooked straight from the freezer in just 15-20 minutes.

Jelsey Barnes, Commercial Sales Manager at Hormel Foods Corporation, commented: “We’ve received many requests from SPAM™ Fans for curry sauce fritters, many of who enjoy a chippy tea of SPAM® Fritters, Chips and Curry Sauce on a regular basis. The new SPAM® Chip Shop Curry Fritters bring their two favourite ingredients together and launch in ASDA this month.” 

SPAM® Fritters have been notoriously fiddly to make from scratch and the convenient frozen Fritters range offers households the chance to enjoy them in minutes. SPAM® Chip Shop Curry Fritters are succulent pieces of SPAM® with a delicious curry sauce filling, wrapped in light golden batter.

Jelsey continued: “Our frozen Fritters’ portfolio continues to grow and the new variety joins Classic and Cheesy Fritters, both of which are proving very popular with consumers. The new SPAM® Chip Shop Curry Fritters can be oven baked or air-fried and complement a side of chips perfectly.”

Available now from ASDA. The pack of two frozen SPAM® Chip Shop Curry Fritters retail for around £2.25 for a 250g pack.

Source: SPAM®

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