Innovative Wine Dispensing Product Reinvents The Wine Barrel Concept

Vinocopia Wines is using this week’s Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America conference (WSWA 2013) as the launch-point for its new wine barrel system.

The Vinocopia Barrel offers significant improvements over alternatives in that it uses replaceable and recyclable 4 liter plastic inserts to hold its wines in beautifully authentic, handcrafted, reclaimed-oak barrels.

This works in conjunction with the other components of their proprietary WineFresh packaging and connector system, which protects wine from its three enemies—air, light, and heat.

According to Vinocopia founder and successful Minneapolis entrepreneur, Jon Malinski, “The Vinocopia Barrel is a product that solves a problem. The problem is that bars and restaurants need to serve great wines faster, fresher, and more cost effectively; yet in a way that doesn’t hurt wine’s flavor the way gas-infused wine keg systems tend to do.”

VINOCOPIA BARREL 4 LITER SYSTEM“They also need a solution that doesn’t require enormous up-front costs and daunting long term commitments. The Vinocopia Wine Barrel system offers an alternative that has a minimal upfront cost, is aesthetically pleasing, features affordably-priced world-class wines, and that enhances the wine drinking experience while protecting its flavor. Our system serves wine six times faster than wine served in bottles and at the perfect temperature every time,” added Malinski.

Each 4L WineFresh insert contains the equivalent of 5.33 bottles of wine (27, 5oz. pours), uses less than 40% of the material used in bottles, weighs less, and uses less energy to recycle—which all lead to substantial disposal cost savings.

Due to the Vinocopia Barrel keeps wine fresh for 60+ days, a pristine glass of high-quality wine is always on tap not only for busy restaurant environments, but also for consumers who enjoy entertaining, drinking wine regularly, and cooking with wine at home.

While other brands of wine will eventually be available as barrel inserts similar to Keurig K-Cup coffee concept, the wines that are initially being offered are from Argentina and include Malbec, Cabernet, Merlot, Capriccio (a red, 3-grape blend), Torrontes, and Chardonnay.

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