Introducing Vintage Velvet Vodka

12113466_1507464222912362_1148422636431221308_oStylish in appearance and premium in taste, Vintage Velvet is a new variety of vodka that is made by infusing locally sourced Chardonnary grape juice, to produce a unique double- distilled spirit full of aroma and smooth to taste.

As English wine continues to be an exciting and fast-growing market, founder of Vintage Velvet, Gabriella Thorpe, decided to expand this local love to English spirits, and in turn created Vintage Velvet in 2015. Having gained significant knowledge of the drinks industry by previously working for a high demographic wine journal, Gabriella saw a gap in the market and wanted to create an iconic British brand and a new generation of infusion vodka for the premium market.

cakvbpgwwaaeotbThis distinctive flavoured spirit is the first of its kind in the UK and Europe, created in small batches using all-natural and all-British ingredients, with the ‘vintage’ reference referring to the juice used from the perfect English harvest of Chardonnay grapes.

Transforming this classic spirit, the double-distilled sugar-beet vodka is enhanced by the freshness of East Anglian grapes and mellowed with caramel undertones to produce an innovative, dynamic spirit. Vintage Velvet can be enjoyed as a straight chilled serve, pairs beautifully with craft mixers such as Rose Lemonade or Wild Elderflower, or works beautifully served within cocktails.

The distinctive flavours of Vintage Velvet help it stand out in an increasingly competitive spirits industry, and tasting notes include a touch of caramel followed by a lasting buttery smooth finish.

A 70CL bottle of Vintage Velvet is priced at £42.00 and available to buy online from Master of Malt, The Fine Spirits Company, The Drink Shop and Planet of the Grapes.

Source: Vintage Velvet

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