Irving Farm Creates Blend to Benefit Charity with Agency Standard Black

Each bag of the ‘Standard Black’ blend sold will benefit, a non-profit organization that benefits the next generation of coffee farmers. In addition, Standard Black has made a donation to the program. The single-blend roast was developed and grown by the young farmers in Ocotepeque, Honduras in collaboration with, and will be sold through Irving Farm’s website and in their 12 locations in New York City. 
Standard Black created the packaging design, as well as custom labels for the boxes, which are now available online. The agency will also be sending 200-300 bags of coffee as a holiday gift to its clients

  • Given that the creative and advertising industries run on coffee day-in and day-out, Standard Black wanted to donate to a cause that felt wholeheartedly connected to the agency, as coffee is such a vital ingredient in the company’s day-to-day function.
  • believes the future of coffee begins with young farmers – fostering their creativity and innovative thinking to form solutions for the complex challenges of the coffee industry. As the average age of coffee farmers is advancing, the organization is focusing on the next generation between the ages of 18-35, ensuring the transfer of skills and development of new practices to adapt to the changing environment and world.
  • The group of young farmers who helped produce the ‘Standard Black’ coffee are part of the Coffee Kids program, and work within a farming organization called UNIOCAFE, based in Ocotepeque, Honduras.
  • Based on the skills these young farmers learned in the Coffee Kids program, in conjunction with the training provided by UNIOCAFE, they were able to produce high quality coffee that was imported by InterAmerican Coffee, and then roasted by Irving Farm for ‘Standard Black.’

“At Coffee Kids, we believe that the future of coffee begins with young farmers. We are thrilled to partner with Standard Black this year to make an investment into training, mentorship, and financing for youth to start their own local businesses across coffee-producing communities in Central America and East Africa. Together we are enabling young adults to realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community, ensuring great coffee and strong communities for generations to come.” -Joanna Furgiuele, Director of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives at Coffee Kids

“Coffee is such a vital part of our life and our agency culture here at Standard Black, and as coffee junkies, we couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate gift to share with our industry friends and family for the holiday season. We’re thrilled to support an organization like and bring attention to the amazing work they’re doing for the next generation of coffee farmers.” – Eric Lobb, ECD, Standard Black

Source: Standard Black

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