Istanbul Starbucks Store Offers a Café with a View

Turkey-Kadikoy_Store_(2)Each day, dozens of ferries crisscross Istanbul’s Bosphorus Straight, shuttling passengers east and west between Asia and Europe. The design of the remodelled Starbucks store near the bustling Kadikoy Carsi ferry terminal took its inspiration from these daily passages and the aesthetic of the boats and the ferry buildings.

The store, which has served customers in Istanbul since 2007, was remodelled to add an additional three stories. The new design also includes a rooftop terrace with an expansive view over the Bosphorus and life on the waterfront.

Turkey-Kadikoy_Store_(6)“The building is a steel structure with distinct details and we chose to expose the structure as a starting point of the design,” said Eva Wieland, the store’s designer. “The connections created by the ferries inspired the void that we created through four floors of the space to enable customers and partners to experience dramatic views through the café.”

The design team took advantage of the height of the space to create a sculptural artwork of an abstracted coffee tree. Its roots start starting at the ground floor and slowly reach up through the floors to culminate at the third floor, where abstracted foliage grows through the ceiling in the form of brass light fixtures.

Istanbul is known for its markets, and the Kadikoy Starbucks store is in a lively pedestrian area with a mix traditional and modern shops. The design layers in a rich range of materials including local marble, brass details, terrazzo flooring, and a teak-like iroko wood. Banquette seating with fixed tables reference the seating of the traditional ferries.

“We used the opportunity of the renovation to create something new for our customers and partners,” Weiland said. “Each floor offers a place that encourages customers to discover their favourite spot for a variety of occasions, whether to study, chat or enjoy the view.”

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