Jagermeister & Chef Chris Santos to Bring the Unexpected to Summer BBQ

recipe-booklet-herovisual_mJägermeister, the seventh largest selling premium spirit in the world, has a storied history behind the bar, but summer 2013 marks the renowned drink’s foray into the culinary world.

The German liqueur will showcase its bold flavor through a partnership with celebrity chef and TV judge Chris Santos with tasting events, Jägermeister-infused summer BBQ recipes and a competition to honor barbecue enthusiasts across the nation.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Chris Santos, who not only embodies the edge and spirit of Jägermeister, but with whom we share the same core values,” says Amanda Blanco, Vice President of Marketing for Jägermeister at Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc.

“We both believe in a deep commitment to quality and craft, that food and drinks are best shared with others and that those who are serious about their food should also be serious about their drinks.”

Chris Santos, Restaurateur and Executive Chef in New York City, is key to the initiative. “While I have long enjoyed Jägermeister as an ice cold shot, I was excited to find that the brand also displayed such complexity in food preparation,” says Chris Santos.

“Jägermeister is a particularly good addition to barbecue because it delivers multiple layers of flavor and is also assertive enough to hold its own with a wide range of grilled meats.”

Avid grill masters will be given an opportunity to explore Jägermeister flavors with the “Charred, Earn your Place at the Pit” BBQ Competition, a search for the best grill recipes incorporating Jägermeister.

The challenge, which kicks off today, will be divided into three categories: Cow, Bird and Hog, from which Santos will select one winner per category. He will then join a panel of judges including barbecue expert Chef Daniel Delaney, a representative for Jägermeister, and a musical artist, in selecting the top recipe.

chris-santos-flipCategory winners will receive an expertly butchered whole hog, half cow or a flock of fowls and the grand prize winner will be awarded a BBQ-scorched trip for two to New York City to sample grilled offerings from the nation’s top barbecue eateries and chefs.

Jägermeister will also be hosting “Eat and Greets” at the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival throughout the summer, where Santos will provide artists and music fans with a chance to sample his Jägermeister-infused recipes.

Jägermeister was originally developed for and dedicated to hunters to celebrate their bonds. The full-bodied flavor of Jägermeister, which includes cinnamon, star anise, ginger and cardamom, is a result of a lengthy maceration to extract aromatic compounds from a closely guarded recipe of 56 herbs, roots, blossoms and fruits, plus aging in oak casks for one year.

The production process is exacting and includes sourcing the ingredients in their raw, unprocessed form, along with 383 quality checks to ensure its iconic taste profile.

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