Kallø takes snacking to the next level with NEW Organic Veggie Dips

Boasting bold flavours and organic ingredients, Kallø Veggie Dips are well positioned to meet ongoing trends for flavoursome plant-based snacks

Kallø, the B Corp healthier snack and stock pioneer owned by Ecotone UK, is making its debut into the dips category with organic Veggie Dips.

Featuring a unique tomato-based recipe combined with organic vegetables and pulses, each Veggie Dip is made with clean-label ingredients. The range includes three delicious varieties, delivering bold and uncompromising taste from vegetables, herbs and spices:

  • Organic Chutney Tomato & Lentil
  • Organic Tomato & Olives
  • Organic Spicy Tomato

Disrupting the category with an ambient format, Kallø Veggie Dips can be used both as a healthy snack or a versatile cooking ingredient, making them ideally placed to meet the needs of over half of global consumers embracing new ways of eating over traditional mealtimes.1

Veggie Dips are deliciously plant-based with no additives or nasties: only pure, unprocessed, wholesome taste from high-quality ingredients that rivals homemade recipes.

Initially launching into Ocado and select health food shops nationwide, each flavour retails at £3.00 RRP per 135g jar.

The innovation follows further growth in Kallø’s market-leading range of snacks, such as Veggie Cakes and Veggie Thins – which can be adorned on cheese boards, or as an ultimate plant-based lunch.

Adele Ward, Kallø Marketing Director at Ecotone UK, said:

“The snacking landscape is changing. 64% of global consumers are now moving away from traditional three-meals a day in favour of more flexible and frequent eating occasions1. Social snacking and sharing the joy of preparing and consuming food with family and friends, has become a greater priority. Our new dips are well positioned to tap into this trend. What started as an idea for a perfect pairing with our Kallø Veggie Thins, has morphed into a versatile product that works just as well as a cooking ingredient as it does on a charcuterie board.

“We’re encouraging consumers to experiment with their dips and take pleasure in the preparation process. Whereas previously savoury snacking involved a lot of cold meats, nowadays plants can be the hero of the plate. For Kallø, our focus is to innovate with diverse plant ingredients that drive intrigue and excitement.”

Kallø Veggie Dips are sustainably packaged in a resealable glass jar with aluminium lid and paper labels – making them 100% recyclable. The lidded format makes them easy to transport and minimises food waste.

Kallø is committed to creating vibrant natural products that challenge the perception that healthy food has to be bland. The brand is a driver of utilising diverse ingredients both for their environmental benefits but also to deliver a delicious and refined flavour profile.

1 Innova top 2023 trends/WGSN’s Food & Drink trend report

Source: Kallø

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