Kellogg’s Celebrates Father/Daughter Bond with Sarah Hendrickson

For dads looking to connect with their daughters, it might be as easy as a game of catch or an afternoon on the ski slopes. A new Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes survey reveals that sports are a primary way for dads to bond with their daughters.

As the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games approach, Frosted Flakes will celebrate the father/daughter relationship by showcasing U.S. Olympic Hopeful ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson and her father, Bill, and by encouraging dads everywhere to share their passion for sports with their girls.

Bill Hendrickson is a former ski jumper who shared his love for the sport with his daughter. First on skis at the age of two, Sarah, now 19, has grown into one of the premier ski jumpers, and won the 2013 world championship. On Jan. 22, Sarah was nominated to the first-ever Team USA women’s ski jumping roster for the Sochi 2014 Games.

The Frosted Flakes survey of young female athletes reveals that fathers are the most powerful influence in creating an affinity for sports, and that sharing sports enables more meaningful life moments between dads and daughters.  Among the survey findings:

  • KELLOGG COMPANY FROSTED FLAKESMore than half (53 percent) of female student athletes say their dads were the single most important influence in creating their love of sports.  Dad was cited four times more often than any other influencer including friends (14 percent), moms (11 percent) and coaches (11 percent).
  • Female athletes say that, on average, about half of all their quality time spent with dad involves sports – and more than one in three say that their favorite memory with dad is sports-related.
  • 85 percent of daughters say that they feel closer to their dad than usual when they are playing or watching or talking about sports together.

“We were inspired by Sarah and Bill’s story that shows how sports helps build the connection between dads and daughters,” said Matt Lindsay, director of marketing for Frosted Flakes. “We know that special moments happen when dads share what they love – whether that’s a bowl of Frosted Flakes, or their passion for sports, and that’s exactly what we saw with Sarah and her dad.”

“My entire family has been incredibly supportive in my goal to be part of Team USA, and I think it’s even more special because my dad was a jumper, too,” said Sarah Hendrickson. “When you share what you love with who you love, it’s amazing what can happen.”

Frosted Flakes will feature Sarah and Bill Hendrickson in a television ad which will air during the U.S. Olympic trials and Games. In the spot, the two share their thoughts on their shared passion for ski jumping, and compare their personal records.

Sarah Hendrickson is not the only young woman who takes after her dad in her sport of choice – the Frosted Flakes survey also revealed that 6 in 10 female student athletes play the same sport that their dad plays, or played when he was younger.  And Sarah, who has bested her father’s longest jump by almost 100 meters, is not the only daughter whose skills outrival dads: nearly 7 in 10 (68%) female student athletes say they likely could outperform their dad in their sport – even when he was in his prime.

“I am thrilled that sharing my passion for skiing has helped lead to this incredible moment – my daughter is nominated to represent Team USA in the Winter Olympics.  While not every dad gets to be dad to an Olympian, every dad can share the things he loves and create memories that will last a lifetime,” said Bill Hendrickson.

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