Kellogg’s Glow In The Dark Skate Park

The Nutri-Grain Fuel On Skatepark that was launched at Sydney’s Moore Park in September, provided an opportunity for skate enthusiast to test their skills on an eight metre glow in the dark half pipe.

The custom-built eight-metre wide half-pipe, fitted with infra-red sensors and glow-in-the-dark illumination, was one of the many features at the festival-style event.

Conceptualised by VML Australia, the Nutri-Grain Fuel On Skatepark also included a Parkour course, one of the first digital graffiti walls in Australia and RFID (radiofrequency identification) which tracked activity on the day.

The RFID allowed guests to track their activity and post live updates and pictures to Facebook.

There was also be a purpose-built Parkour course where kids can learn techniques from members of the Australian Institute of Parkour.

Special guests on the launch included pro skater Renton Millar, DJ Alison Wonderland and Channel V’s Danny Clayton.

Marketing Manager for Kellogg’s Ian Blackhall said the skatepark would be an opportunity for inner city teens to experience a revolutionary new approach to skating.

“Nutri-Grain is an energy brand, that Fuels teens to live their unstoppable lives,” he said.

“The Skatepark Event is designed to celebrate what life’s about when you have the energy to get the most out of it. The idea for a glow in the dark Skatepark was born from the desire for Nutri-Grain to create amazing ‘never been done before’ brand experiences.”

Mr Blackhall said the variety of events available on the day would ensure there was something for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s a free event for 100 prize winners to bring a mate and mix it up with Renton Millar and a team of pro-skaters, listen to tunes from Alison Wonderland’s decks and experience a purpose built Parkour course and digital graffiti wall,” he said.

“The whole event is going to be set up with RFID (radio frequency identification) so there’s a serious amount of technology that’s gone into it and we can’t wait to see it in action.”

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