KFC Launches First Major Brand Campaign in Australia

In a break from product-based advertising, KFC this weekend launches its first-ever major brand campaign in Australia, aimed at bringing its values to life and connecting customers to the ethos of its founder, Colonel Sanders.

Based on a saying from the Colonel that ‘life should always be finger lickin’ good’, the new campaign developed by Ogilvy Sydney is about conveying a philosophy that life is to be lived. And that it’s best lived when people are being true to themselves.

To help celebrate the concept, Australian television personality Plucka Duck returns to the small screen starring in the campaign’s launch TVC; a character that exemplifies the brand’s confident, and completely original characteristics. Plucka has not been seen on Australian television since Hey Hey It’s Saturday ceased broadcasting.

“We realise that many people might see the creative and think ‘ What? A duck on a skateboard for KFC?,” said Ogilvy Sydney’s Group Creative Director, Shaun Branagan.

“But for a brand that traditionally has focused on its food, and a company with a history of being original, it was important KFC’s first foray into brand advertising was designed to provoke. As a result, the first element of the campaign is a deliberate mashup of pop culture icons; the mischievous Plucka Duck, who was always up for a stunt no matter how madcap, and longboard skateboarding which encapsulates sheer exhilaration and freedom. All set to a legendary surf punk music track that was a smash hit in its day and more recently on Family Guy, with the lyrics ‘the bird is the word’ which of course is Aussie slang for KFC. It all represents the unique and original that is the KFC brand,” he said.

Nikki Lawson, Chief Marketing and Development Officer KFC SOPAC said the new campaign was the first time that KFC has clearly stated its brand purpose in Australia, and launched work that did not focus on its chicken as a visual centrepoint.

“We know that Australians love KFC’s chicken, but we wanted to ensure that affection extended to the KFC brand itself. So we looked to its founder, Colonel Sanders to get to the heart of what the KFC brand stands for. It was his original recipe, values and life embracing approach that continue to shine today,” she explained. Life moves at a fast pace and there seems to be a greater need to fit-in, and conform with everyone else, and sometimes a bit of our uniqueness, what makes us special, can get suppressed. We want everyone to celebrate their originality. The new campaign explores this concept, clearly connecting it back to the KFC brand.”

Ogilvy Sydney was responsible for developing the strategy and all executions including TVCs, cinema, website, digital display, social and digital content. The digital elements and TVCs are live and cinema goes live January 28.

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