KFC Lets the Cat Out of the Bag, Announces Chester Cheetah as Newest Colonel

Kentucky Fried Chicken and the fan-favourite Cheetos brand announced the US-wide launch of the Cheetos Sandwich with assistance from its newest Colonel, the most mischievous cat around: Chester Cheetah.

Chester is the first brand icon and spokes-cheetah to portray KFC’s famous founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. He will take the reins on KFC’s social channels and appear on TV screens in ad spots (beginning June 30) to promote the iconic co-branded partnership and remind Cheetos and KFC lovers everywhere that the new Cheetos Sandwich is only available at KFC through the end of July.  

The Cheetos Sandwich – a juicy, hand-breaded Extra Crispy chicken filet drizzled with a special Cheetos sauce, layered over Cheetos and mayo, placed on a toasted bun – will satisfy all your crunchy, cheesy wishes.

“The combination of these two finger lickin’ good favourites – our famous fried chicken and Cheetos – was a no brainer,” said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S.  “After a very popular test market we knew we had to introduce it nationwide, and a sandwich this anticipated needed a Colonel like we’ve never seen before. There was no one better ‘suited’ than Chester Cheetah himself.”

“We have a massive fan base that loves experiencing the Cheetos brand in new ways, and we hope we delight our fans with our best collaboration yet,” said Dena vonWerssowetz, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. “The merging of our two iconic brands is sure to be a phenomenon.”

To prepare for the role, Chester donned his best white Colonel suit, posed in a digital billboard spot and even took over a New York City KFC (242 E. 14th Street), hosting an Instagram-able and exclusive pop-up event on June 27. The party featured one-of-a-kind KFC and Cheetos mashup menu items available only at the event and an exclusive first taste of the new Cheetos Sandwich for consumers.

Chester took it upon himself to “Cheetos-fy” the entire restaurant, including a 28 feet by 12 feet long wall mural painted outside the restaurant by artist, Vizie, in what he calls “an explosion of flavour.”

The abstract and colourful mural is a symbolic representation to show the merging of two renowned brands, KFC and Cheetos, and is available for fans to snap a selfie in front of through the end of July.

As part of the launch, KFC will also introduce the Cheetos Lovers Box meal, which includes the Cheetos Sandwich, Popcorn Nuggets drizzled in Cheetos sauce, mac and cheese, wedges and a medium drink (prices and participation may vary).

Source: KFC

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