KFC re-invent loyalty with launch of new gamified rewards programme, with bucket loads of freebies up for grabs

KFC is rewarding customers with a newly-launched in-app rewards programme themed around arcade games, with the chance to win free KFC menu items. 

The new rewards programme, called ‘KFC Rewards Arcade’, created by RAPP UK, is available within the KFC app and marks KFC’s move away from the transactional, points-based loyalty schemes that dominate the QSR sector.

KFC’s and RAPP’s ambition was to completely reinvent the future of loyalty. Current points-based systems generate an unfair generosity balance with very little personal recognition for customers and prizes that only reward the heaviest users. 

The new KFC Rewards Arcade instead focuses on generosity, surprise and recognition and is a very differentiated loyalty proposition for the category.

Creatively themed around a gaming arcade, the app features a vibrant, fun and colourful 3D space. Evoking feelings of excitement, chicken fans can play the game to win select menu items. ‘Rewards’ can be claimed in-store or through a click-and-collect order.

The first game to mark the Arcade’s launch is ‘Hammer Time’, a classic festival-style high-striker game where players choose one of three hammers and swing to win by ringing the bell at the top of the tower.

Customers receive an in-app invite to play after every order over £3.00 (and 5 euros in RoI). There are 12 menu items up for grabs as rewards, including: 6-piece Bargain Buckets, Burgers, Wraps, Popcorn chicken and more.

Gabby Ludzker (CEO) at RAPP UK said: “Loyalty has moved on from points which means prizes and brands need to keep up with their customers’ behaviours and motivations. The Rewards Arcade is a dynamic way to reward loyalty, customers can have a go, win and claim their prize immediately, making it a win-win for KFC and their guests. We wanted to give every KFC guest an entertaining, interactive and competitive space where they can try out a range of retro games to win free food. The games are exciting and fun and will definitely keep customers coming back for more.”

Jack Hinchliffe (CMO) in KFC said: ‘We are so excited to be launching our new KFC Rewards Arcade.  We strive to be a business which exceeds the wants and needs of our guests.  That’s why we’ve transitioned from a stamp-based rewards scheme to a dynamic, modern platform that provides our fans with instant, free prizes.  We set out to reinvent the future of loyalty and that’s exactly where we are headed.  I can’t wait for customers to give the KFC Arcade a go!’

Source: RAPP UK

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