KFC Trolls Health Nuts with a Made-Up ‘Clean Eating’ Blog

Oddly enough, KFC’s new lifestyle blog may not be the right one to bookmark for your diet.

The fast food chain recently invented a fake blogger, ‘Figgy Poppleton-Rice’, to launch an imaginary KFC Clean Eating Burger, and it seems as if most people are better off eating regular salads.

Fancy a “Profu”, a 100% tofu energy bar that’s chockfull of protein, when you’re feeling run down?

Or if you’re planning to have something light, a spinach salad with a generous layer of ice cubes will certainly, most definitely, suit your fancy.

‘Figgy Poppleton-Rice’ may seem like a charming name, but many would assume her food is anything but.

Check out some more of her healthy creations below:

Source: Design Taxi

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