Knorr Hao Chi Spices Up the Streets of Singapore at Clear Channel’s Bus Stop Shelters

To get more Singaporeans to try its product, Knorr spices up the streets with a 3D branded life-sized Knorr Hao Chi scented capsule dispense machine at Clear Channel’s bus stop shelters.

This makes it the first execution in Singapore that combines both visual and sensorial outdoor experience with the aim of boosting brand awareness and product offering. The scent diffuser dispenses aromatic fried garlic-like scent to mirror the appetising stir-fry flavour to popular local dishes, driving appetite appeal.

Samples are slotted into capsules which are dispensed from the machine through a smart technology activation via EZ-LINK and CPAS card. By tapping the card, consumers can collect and walk away with the free Knorr Hao Chi capsule samples. To further enhance the consumer experience, each capsule comes with a dedicated one-dish recipe that educates consumers on the product usage. Consumers are free to retrieve more Knorr Hao Chi recipes by simply scanning the QR code on the machine.

“We are constantly exploring innovative and creative formats to interact with our customers. Working alongside with Clear Channel, we combined both visual and sensorial experiences in this product sampling as we know how important aromatics are in creating a delicious and full flavoured dish,” said Ellen Yap, Marketing Manager of Unilever Foods & Refreshments, Knorr.

“Knorr wanted something out of the ordinary, more so when it comes to new food products where it requires some level of trial before consumers make that purchase. We extended a typical in-store supermarket sampling activation to an out-of-store unique brand experience which attracts commuters attention and drives sampling,” said Amanda Woo, Head, Client Partnerships and Business Development.

The machine will be activated at Sengkang for a week from 19 July 2018 and shifted to NEX for another two weeks. These two prime locations were selected for their high traffic and are places where Knorr Hao Chi target audience frequent.

Source: Campaign Brief Asia

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