KP Snacks to Set Tills Ringing with All-star Christmas Line up

22420_KP Salted 500g_smKP Snacks is introducing an all-star range this Christmas encompassing new flavours, fun festive shapes and the return of KP Nuts’ best-selling caddies. With festive sales of crisps, nuts and snacks representing a staggering £600m each December, the company is aiming to tap into this opportunity and boost sales this year with its all-new line up.

Nuts Christmas Sales Ahead

Synonymous with the festive season and a traditional snacks staple, 40% of all KP Nuts sales occur at Christmas as consumers look to buy quality brands that they know and trust to share with friends and family.

The consumer appetite for KP Nuts caddies remains as strong as ever with the current Christmas SKUs delivering £4m retail sales value last year. Caddies represent incremental sales opportunities for retailers and the stackable format ensures they are an easy addition to any store shelf.

The UK’s favourite nut brand is re-introducing Christmas editions of its popular KP Nuts Caddy range across three loved flavours: Jumbo Salted Peanuts, Honey Roast peanuts and Dry Roasted peanuts. KP Nut caddies offer the perfect sharing solution whilst maintaining great value with an RRP of £4.29.

365576_700336_KP_XL Coated Sweet Chilli _350gNew for 2015: KP Nuts XL Coated Sweet Chilli with a twist of Lemon

KP Snacks is expanding its caddy range for 2015 with new XL Crunchy Coated Sweet Chilli and Lemon flavour peanuts. Tapping into the ‘big eat’ experience and as the best-selling flavour in coated nuts, this on-trend sweet chilli variant is set to attract a younger consumer into nuts at Christmas

Continuing with the pricing aligned to the core caddies at RRP of £4.29, XL Crunchy Coated Sweet Chilli and Lemon flavour peanuts boasts a contemporary new taste and bigger XL crunch for the same great value of the traditional variants.

All-new Christmas editions for KP Snacks classics

As well as the extensive nuts range, two KP Snacks favourites will undergo a fun festive makeover – perfect for families and sharing at Christmas gatherings. POM-BEAR Snowmen and Hula Hoops Stars will be available in packs of 120g and 210g at RRP of £2.19.

Ever popular Cheese Footballs are also back by popular demand this Christmas. The flavoursome bite-sized balls are a must-stock for retailers to maximum sales across this busy period. An exclusive Christmas product that’s grown in popularity since its launch, this festive favourite is set to be a hit with retailers and consumers alike.

700335_KP_Salt & Vinegar Reindeer Bites_150gJoining Cheese Footballs is NEW Salt and Vinegar Reindeer Bites; delicious and crunchy snack biscuits in a family favourite flavour.

Reindeer Bites will broaden the appeal of the KP Christmas snack caddy line up which now combines two growing family friendly flavours with fun, seasonal packaging.

Matt Collins, Trading Controller Convenience, KP Snacks comments: “This Christmas we’re pleased to announce a range of all new snacks, as well as continuing our festive favourites that consumers know and love. Research shows that consumer spending is increasing year-on-year, so we know there is a huge opportunity for retailers to drive sales and profit at this vital time of year. The key to making the most of festive sales is planning early and stocking a strong range of quality, best-selling brands such as KP Nuts that act as signposts for the category.”

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