Leo Burnett ‘More Than a Number’ for Kellogg’s

For women, jean shopping can be mighty depressing. Kellogg’s Special K‘s new Fall Challenge (‘More Than a Number’ for Kellogg’s)  in partnership with Leo Burnett Chicago –is out to change all that.

In Special K’s latest installment of its “More Than a Number” initiative, the brand invited real women to a live event to try on jeans measured in a new way – by replacing those size 6’s and 8’s and 10’s with words of inspiration.

The women were delighted to discover –via the specially designed Special K measuring tape –numbers and inches replaced with words of encouragement (think: “fierce,”“vivacious”and “fabulous”).

The jubilant reactions of women who discovered the jeans had no sizes were all captured on tape –and it’s safe to say no one left the live event empty-handed as each woman was able to take home her pair (it’s not every day a cereal ventures into the denim business!).

Kellogg’s Special K new spot crosses television, print and social media with the hashtag #MoreThanANumber. The event will have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Special K’s newly launched Instagram.

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