Lurpak Challenges Consumers to Get Cooking in New ‘Game On, Cooks’ Campaign

lug01p16013_cook_2016_48s_mushroom_master_v01_lr1Lurpak, the UK’s no.1 butter and spreadable brand, has unveiled a new TV ad as part of a multi-million pound marketing campaign. The campaign aims to challenge consumer cooking habits and drive butter usage as research by Lurpak shows UK consumers are spending more time consuming food media than cooking.

Lurpak ‘Game on, Cooks’ will air on 18th September with a 60 second TV spot. The bold new campaign is designed to tackle this ‘cooking paradox’ by demonstrating that consuming food culture is a poor substitute for the visceral experience of cooking and showcase Lurpak as the brand to get consumers back into the kitchen.

The ad opens on a pile of TV screens, laptops, phones and cookbooks capturing food culture in all its forms. The familiar voice of Rutger Hauer declares that “nothing compares to the thrill of a hot kitchen” as the pile of TVs is suddenly blown up. Viewers are then transported from watching, reading and hash-tagging food culture to witnessing the thrill and rhythmic chaos of a hot kitchen. Reminding food lovers that they’re not cooks until they cook, the ad concludes “So strap on your aprons and reach for the Lurpak.”

Louise Goodyear, Senior Brand Manager, Lurpak, comments: “Cooking is key in the butters and spreads category and Lurpak is perfectly placed to stir a cooking revolution by rousing ‘sofa chefs’ back into the kitchen. Consuming food culture does not compare to the sights, sounds and tastes of the kitchen. That’s why we’re challenging food lovers to stop spectating and enabling them to start cooking with Lurpak. ‘Game on, Cooks’ will reinforce Lurpak’s position as the champion of good food.”

The TV ad is part of a multi-million-pound marketing campaign that also features shopper, press, digital and PR.

Source: Lurpak

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