With a successful 2020 launch into major supermarkets, Distil Studio were behind the rebrand of Lyons Coffee for UCC, marking the beginning of a perky new era for the brand. 

Lyons Coffee

Neil Hedger, Creative Partner: “As part of the rebrand, we transformed a set of existing numbered blends into brand new names, designed to celebrate over 120 years of heritage. These include ‘GO-JOE’, ‘PERKADILLY’ and ‘ROCKADERO’… each bringing a lively take on their coffee.

“Founded by Sir Joseph, in the heart of Piccadilly, Lyons went on to grow one of the largest food empires of the day – with coffee being one of the many products they became famous for. Their corner houses and flagship restaurant in the Trocadero building were flamboyant, lively places. Our visual approach pays homage to this with bold and vibrant illustration. We created the new Lyons Coffee wordmark to bring a strong brand hierarchy on packaging – the Lyons ‘L’ leads to each blend name. Our continuous graphic scene travels across the range of formats – from Beans, Ground and Coffee Bags”.

Lyons Coffee

Fiona Curran, Creative Partner: “To support the packaging, we created a golden pattern to bring point-of-sale and brand communications to life. This takes inspiration from the Art Deco interiors of the Lyons flagship corner houses and their Trocadero restaurant. Gold and white was a key feature of original Lyons shop signage – a timeless backdrop to the vibrant colours of the new range” 

Neil Hedger, Creative Partner: “Distil Studio teamed up with regular collaborators TM/CM to position the initial creative direction as ‘120 Years Young’. Following this, the copy for each blend was crafted, with a tone packed full of beans. We also worked with our moving image partners Fakery to bring to life a series of animations, used by UCC as part of the initial sales drive”


The rebrand was promoted by the growth of the Coffee Bag sector – estimated to be worth £7.1 million annually, with 50% growth year on year.Lyons products are made with carefully selected coffee beans to provide a coffee blend that is the best tasting, most convenient coffee on the market. The beans are roasted and then ground down, before they are locked into individually wrapped coffee bags. All coffee bags are now compostable and all packaging is recyclable. 

Source: Distil Studio

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