Marmite launches interactive photo booth

and gives Oxford Street shoppers golden moment of fame

In the second phase of Marmite’s unique dynamic Christmas lights on Oxford Street, Kinetic and its creative division Fuel have worked with Mindshare, Grand Visual, DDB and Clear Channel to deliver the first interactive digital bus shelter outside Selfridge’s to enable shoppers to interact directly with the festive illuminations above the street.

Curious shoppers are invited to enter the dazzling Marmite Gold bus shelter that has been transformed into a photo booth and take amusing pictures of themselves, expressing either their love or hate of Marmite. Participants eager for a few moments of fame are then given the chance to directly upload their image to the large digital screen and focal point of the world-renowned Christmas lights for all to see.

Mimicking Marmite’s Facebook app that is already available for users to submit their photos, the roadside photo booth will be interactive for 12 days of the 4 week long ad campaign that launches November 26th, and when not active will display a humorous gallery of images of all the fans or foes of Marmite that have been submitted.

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