McDonald’s HK Shows that Sometimes a Hug is All You Need for Christmas

McDonald’s has launched one of its most emotionally charged campaign of 2015, reminding people about the power of affection, set in the festive season.

The core creative of the campaign by DDB Hong Kong, focuses on the importance of hugging between families and loved ones. The spot tells the story of a traditional grandfather who has trouble expressing affection towards his son, even when it is most called for. He then goes on to discover the joy of physical affection through his grandson. The magic moment at the end of the TVC, where he embraces this joy with his son, is punctuated and celebrated by the two simple “thank you” he receives from the two generations he has brought into the world.

McDonalds HKYvonne Tang, Senior Director, Marketing at McDonald’s Hong Kong, explains, “DDB Group Hong Kong helped us to identify an emotive space that McDonald’s could own. The campaign initiates a movement for Hong Kong people to show their affection. The campaign will include a digital component  that amplifies the universal truth of the power of affection.”

O’Poon, Group Creative Director at DDB Group, Hong Kong said, “Festive advertising has become very tactical and promotional. We wanted to cut through the clutter by being more subtle and silent with our messaging. By going back to the roots of McDonald’s values and its connection to families, we have created a classic McDonald’s story with a timeless formula: simplicity, surprise, and a smile.”

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