McDonald’s Italy Serves Up Nutella Burger

sub-buzz-7166-1478972106-1Got a sweet tooth for Nutella? Instead of expressing your love for the hazelnut chocolate spread by bathing in whole tub of it, why not book a flight to Italy for McDonald’s latest offering of Sweety Con Nutella?

Before you freak out at the thought of a beef patty slathered in chocolate, the burger contains no meat and is part of McCafé’s dessert menu.

Two sweet buns hold a hearty serving of creamy Nutella, which oozes chocolatey goodness with every bite.

The existence of this treat has quickly gained attention on social media, with Nutella and McDonald’s trending.

While it is currently only available in Italy, it is safe to assume everyone is hoping the dessert will make its way to McDonald’s chains worldwide in the near future.

Source: Design Taxi

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