McDonald’s Poke Fun at Social Media Reactions in All-Day Breakfast Ads

McDonald’s is promoting the launch of its all-day breakfast with three spots that feature actors reading real tweets and Facebook posts from fans who are overjoyed at the idea of eating an Egg McMuffin during any hour of the day.

The campaign leverages the positive social media response that McDonald’s has gotten in reaction to the announcement that it will start serving some of its breakfast items all day since the fast-food giant is often criticized in the media for its unhealthy offerings.

Created by Leo Burnett, the three videos feature actors reading enthusiastic social media posts, like ‘@mcdonalds YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS #alldaybreakfast SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good’, in extremely monotone voices. The spots are called ‘Celebration,’ ‘Sad Face,’ and ‘Wuuuuuuut.’

The chain has said in the past that having the option to order breakfast all day is the number one thing that customers request.

On Twitter, McDonald’s is promoting its ‘#AllDayBreakfast’ with a number of playful gifs.

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