Mike’s Hard Lemonade & 21st Century Fox in Alcohol Justice Doghouse

deadpoolhardlemonade“Comic book characters should never be used to sell alcoholic products,” stated Bruce Lee Livingston, Executive Director / CEO, Alcohol Justice. “Kids are inherently targeted, PR damage to the brands is substantial, and shareholders should scream for heads to roll.”

Livingston is referring to the current cross promotion of a Mike’s Harder Lemonade alcopop with the opening of 21st Century Fox’s new feature film Deadpool.

Both companies have been relegated to the Alcohol Justice Doghouse for using the current Marvel comic superhero, Deadpool, to promote another, youth attractive alcopop. The promotion, seen in a TV ad, on products, and in point-of-sale materials, pushes Mike’s Harder Lemonade, a super sweet, 8% alcoholic product that comes in flashy colorful “collectible” cans featuring the Deadpool character.

ALCOHOL JUSTICE LOGO“Though the alcohol industry claims ‘Millennials’ are their target alcopop audience, their promotions and campaigns effectively target youth who are years younger than the minimum legal drinking age,” said Livingston.

“As a result of the low prices, wide availability, and marketing tactics like this one by 21st Century Fox & Mike’s Harder Lemonade, alcopops are very popular among underage youth and responsible for a disproportionate share of underage alcohol-related harm.”

Alcohol Justice is asking people to TAKE ACTION by telling the CEOs at 21st Century Fox and Mike’s Hard Lemonade to stop using children’s superheroes to sell booze.

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