M&M’s Packaging Gets A Concept Redesign

M&M1Brooklyn, New York-based aspiring graphic design Alyssa Phillips has given the packaging of M&M’s chocolate candies a redesign to make it more presentable.

Instead of keeping to the standard plastic flimsy wrappers the chocolate snack is known for, Phillips opted for a structured geometric look that also mimics the round shape of its candy—and renamed the candies “M’s” to give it a modern updated feel.

Each small packet was made of cardboard, so that a single serving size could fit comfortably in a person’s hand. In case the packets can’t be finished, the cardboard packet also comes with a resealable tear strip.

Phillips also thought of a countertop display for parties: she created a larger cardboard box with indented bottom, so that single serving packets could fit snuggly into it—making it presentable as well as functional at the same time.

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