Mondelez Gum Brands Trident, Stimorol and Hollywood, Undergo Rebrand

TridentMondelez International’s European chewing gum brands Trident, Stimorol and Hollywood, have undergone a rebrand.

In the biggest cross-country branding project undertaken by Mondelez to date, the three brands were refreshed by agency LPK and adapted by Sun Branding Solutions for more than 700 SKUs across multiple territories, pack formats and substrates.

“We have been working with Sun Branding Solutions for a number of years now, but this is the first time we have given one agency full responsibility for overseeing a rebranding programme for our entire European gum category,” explained Penny Thomas, design technology project manager, Mondelez.

She continued: “It was a massive undertaking, but an essential evolution for the brands, to bring them under a common positioning. Sun Branding Solutions expertly managed expectations of consistency across the brand, packaging and display units, and we are very pleased with the results.”  The rebrand has rolled out across 11 countries.

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