Moojo Team with Mystery to Provide Moments of Joy

9731c_2-column-moojo-exteriorIn a fast paced world where healthy eating is becoming increasingly part of our day-to-day lifestyle; serial entrepreneurs Matt and Ashley Petersen wanted to embrace the need for a little indulgence every now and then, a place where you allow yourself a Moojo, one of life’s ‘moments of joy’.

Brand design agency Mystery fell in love with their passion to create a gourmet ice cream sandwich concept in one of the most foodie-centric spots on the globe; Austin, Texas. The ice cream would be all natural and wedged between two warm cookies, which fill the store with a mouth-watering, irresistible aroma from early afternoon through to the early hours of the morning, seven days a week.

c7bba_1-column-happy-little-girlMystery were appointed to undertake all brand creation work, from initial strategic brand positioning and naming, through to brand identity, interior design and website development.

“From the outset our vision was clear; we believed that this concept should have ‘joy’ at the heart of the brand. This would form the central focus for everything from the curiosity inspiring name ‘Moojo’ (formed from the letters in ‘moments of joy’) to our approach to interior graphics, which included ice cream sandwich icons which seemingly burst with joy, vibrant neon-signs, delicious dripping ice-cream wall graphics and smiling open / close door signs,” said Mystery.

The agency added that it was vital that the interior and graphics formed a holistic brand story, so joy can be discovered throughout the space, from your arrival at the coloured, dripping door, with tasty looking stripes which guide you through your ice cream sandwich journey, to the hanging swing seats and dripping log stools. This is a brand which wants to play, whilst at the same time delivering an honest, authentic feel. Materials are textured and warm with a contrasting clean white counter which really allows the product to sing.

a81b3_2-column-moojo-queueNick Gaynor, Co-founder of Moojo said: “We invested a considerable amount of money with Mystery, but I really think it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Our customers love the store. They really respond to it. It’s becoming THE hangout spot for University of Texas students – we’re already ahead of our sales targets – it really works!”

Mystery were in constant contact with the client from inception to completion and supported the client on site, in Texas, to deliver the concept that we all became engrossed in and fell in love with. We even helped taste the ice cream and cookies to narrow down the selection! That was tough!

Our head of interiors even donned a Moojo T-shirt and served ice-cream sandwiches at a Moojo pop-up prior to the store opening in order to get a genuine understanding of the operation, the process and the customers.

The grand opening was a massive success with over 1000 ice cream sandwiches consumed in 7 hours! The line stretched down the block and the joy when they finally reached the front was obvious to see!

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