Mtn Dew Black Label Brings a Deeper Darker Dew to the USA

349468With the USA release of Mtn Dew Black Label the brand is unveiling a ‘deeper darker DEW.’ A carbonated soft drink made with real sugar, crafted dark berry flavour and herbal bitters, Mtn Dew Black Label is made for those times when DEW Nation wants to live it up – with a touch of class – and represents a lifestyle and state of mind that’s just a bit more refined.

In the fall of 2015, Mtn Dew Black Label was released exclusively at approximately 600 colleges and universities, giving students a first taste of the unique new beverage. The thirst for the darker and more mysterious side of DEW was clear as word quickly spread across social media networks and product flew off campus shelves. Now, all of DEW Nation can let loose, but with a little bit of class, with Mtn Dew Black Label.

“DEW Nation loves to have a damn good time, and Mtn Dew Black Label adds a touch of class to those awesome moments,” saidGreg Lyons, senior vice president of marketing, Mountain Dew. “It’s a beverage that satisfies a taste for life’s finer things without sacrificing the boldness of DEW.”

10262177_10154020701321489_2997866957813410401_nAlong with the nationwide release of Mtn Dew Black Label, the brand is extending its BOLDLY REFINED campaign. DEW Nation will now get a fully immersive Mtn Dew Black Label experience as it hits retailers across the country. It started this month with an experiential activation during South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, which included the Mtn Dew Black Label Parlor, a “SXSW Takeover” concert, and product seeding at local bars and venues.

The campaign continues with the release of a new digital spot called “Gentlemen of the Jacket.” The content showcases different “gentlemen” – skaters, including DEW athlete and pro skateboarder Theotis Beasley, mixologists and gamers – all crossing over to the classier side of DEW with the help of putting on a unique jacket. This subtle act invokes a transformation. Whatever world they are in becomes a more refined version of itself, yet still genuine, still recognizable and still getting at the heart of all things DEW.

12241488_10154020343851489_1061734966773886534_nTo celebrate the nationwide launch, DEW will also release a Mtn Dew Black Label GIF keyboard that will be available for use on mobile via the App Store or Play Store. The GIFs will feature content from the “Gentlemen of the Jacket” digital spot and fans can check out the Mtn Dew Black Label website for more details in the coming weeks.

Also, starting in April, the brand will hit the road to introduce Mtn Dew Black Label to fans across the US through a grassroots sampling tour, which will feature a pop-up sampling bar and other activities at retail locations, festivals, and colleges and universities.

Mtn Dew Black Label is now available at retailers nationwide and comes in signature 16-ounce matte black cans.

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