Navson Launch New Sugar Free Chewing Gum: Raw

Raw PackagingRaw is the new sugar free chewing gum, which tastes just like an energy drink, giving you a boost when you most need it. Raw is a product from Navson, who are synonymous with the successful water brand, Saka Natural Mineral Water.

By using a unique flavour combined with an edgy design, Raw appeals to a young and trendy audience and is perfect for on the go activities. The gum is rich in vitamin Band each pack contains 18 pieces of flavour­ packed sugar free gum. Its urban design and sharp style helps make each pack easily distinguishable on the shelf. Indents on the front and back of the pack have helped to add texture to the design, which reach out to other senses giving an enhanced Raw experience.

The launch will be accompanied alongside the use of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Each pack will have a QR code, which will link to the Raw Facebook site containing competitions, trending videos and latest news. The Facebook site will have strong connections to a new Raw website, full of blogs, music and weekly features. Creating such an engaging platform assists in Raw’s aim to support youth culture, whilst enticing interaction with the brand.

Raw will be made available through a variety of channels, from well-known cash and carries to local whole­salers. Raw will also have a large team heading out across the UK in a fleet of branded vehicles visiting independent retailers, partaking in sampling sessions and giving category management advice.

Raw Gum Outer

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