Nestlé Cereals create World’s Widest Variety Pack, free from red traffic lights

Nestlé Cereals has launched a punchy new campaign, created by McCann London, to highlight the impressive number of Nestle’s cereals that do not feature any red traffic lights.

The 18-product, 3.5m wide variety pack will feature in print, digital and social media advertising to educate consumers on Nestlé Cereal’s journey in helping to make breakfast choices easier for parents.

The nutritional value of packaged food – particularly cereals – has come under greater scrutiny in recent years, with a great deal of consumer misunderstanding around the use of the traffic light system.

Marketing Director of the UK & Australia at Nestlé Cereals, Toby Baker commented: “As part of our 10-year reformulation journey to improve the nutritional content of our cereals, we currently have an impressive 18 cereals which are totally free from red traffic lights.

“It means that Nestlé Cereals provides everyone with a breadth of choice when it comes to breakfast options, while feeling confident about what you’re putting into your bowl. This campaign from McCann brings that message home in a fun, attention-grabbing way!”

Greg Mullen from McCann London commented: “The creative challenge was to land this variety message with charm and humour, engaging consumers on what is often seen as a dull or even functional topic, and that’s where our utterly bonkers idea of creating The World’s Widest Variety Pack came in. At 3.5 metres and 18 boxes wide, it can be spotted easily in print, digital and social advertising.

“The creation of this fictional variety pack was not only a powerful vehicle to deliver our nutritional message but it also captures the nostalgia of Nestlé Cereal’s range, re-enforcing the fact that these products still taste as great as you remember, but without high levels of fat, saturated fat, sugar or salt.

This campaign forms part of Nestle Cereals’ wider nutrition platform McCann London created earlier this year – ‘More Choice, Less Worry’ – which plays into the meaningful role of reassuring consumers at a confusing time and supports Nestle Cereal’s purpose of making breakfast better.

Source: McCann London

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