Never Again Get Your Hand Stuck in a Pringles Tube With This Chip Dispenser

pringles-tool-600x337Trying to get at the last few chips at the bottom of a Pringles tube can be a real hassle—it is also not uncommon to get one’s hand stuck in the metal canister.

Ever the creative problem-solvers, the Japanese have come up with an ingenious chip dispenser that will allow you to reach all the way down the tube and grab every last chip quickly, easily and with no danger of getting your hand stuck.

Created by company EntreX, this simple chip dispenser looks like a long silicon tongue that one can stick into the tube and draw out a neat stack of potato chips.

After use, it wraps conveniently around the tube—we think that Pringles should seriously consider packing one of these with every tube of their chips.

See this clever chip dispenser in action below:


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