1. Shreddies® launches digital campaign, Shreddie For Anything, starring television presenter Nick Knowles.
  2. Challenger brand challenges overcomplicated world of wellness and morning routines using a cut-through, no-nonsense alternative.
  3. Series of eight 20” films, McCann London have taken the brand in a fresh, comical and active direction.

McCann London, the award-winning creative agency, is thrilled to announce the launch of Shreddie For Anything, starring Nick Knowles in series of digitally led, comical films for the UK’s adored cereal brand, Shreddies (a favourite from Nestlé Cereals, made by leading global breakfast cereal company Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW)).

In an increasingly cluttered and competitive cereals market, Shreddies wanted to increase its share of attention. McCann London was briefed to win the hearts and minds of consumers by evolving its newly established brand platform, Shreddie For Anything, to deliver a punchy and provocative campaign to keep Shreddies ahead of the breakfast game. 

Sarah Fordy, Head of Marketing at Cereal Partners UK, said: “We are really pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the team at McCann on such an innovative campaign for Shreddies, allowing us to communicate in a digital-first way that consumers can Eat Shreddies and be Shreddie for Anything!”

Featuring television presenter Nick Knowles as the UK’s unofficial answer to Chuck Norris, the Shreddie for Anything campaign takes on the rather outlandish world of wellness, delivering morning mantras from Nick that enable you to get cracking with your day. A tongue-in-cheek, uplifting brand-building campaign with humour at its core.

Brought to life in a lo-fi world to enhance the get-it-done attitude, because who has time for fancy 3D graphics, it’s characterful, doesn’t take itself too seriously and with digital at its core is projected to win the hearts and souls of both parents and younger consumers across the UK.

The campaign is going live across VOD, YouTube and organic social today. A series of 24 giphys are also available on all social media platforms. Media planning and buying is being handled by Zenith.

Rob Doubal, Co-President and Co-Chief Creative Officer at McCann UK, said: “Shreddies is the straight-up breakfast that puts strength before flakiness, solidness over sogginess, and substance over style – giving you fuel for the day to make you “Shreddie for Anything”. Now, stop reading this, watch the films and smash through your day like Nick Knowles on a turtle in a boardroom! Team has had great fun making this. Thank you Shreddies.”

Nick Knowles, Television Presenter, said: “Since when did mornings become such a faff? 4 am wake-ups. Yoga before work. Overly complicated morning routines. Who’s got the time? All you need is a bowl of Shreddies to smash through your day.”

Source: McCann London

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