Nikki Glaser Celebrates National Coffee Day with Orbit Gum

In honor of National Coffee Day on September 29, Orbit gum, a subsidiary of Mars, Inc., followed comedian and actress, Nikki Glaser, as she went on a series of coffee dates, bringing Orbit gum along for a just brushed clean feeling between dates and cups of coffee.

In a video (above), Nikki shares the following rules for the perfect coffee date for everyone to use during their own National Coffee Day celebrations.  Nikki’s coffee date rules include:

  • 2b79c3e3-813e-4610-9fb7-0bba2e6a8d94.HRRule #1: The More Coffee Dates The Better

Coffee dates are like days of vacation. You can never have too many!

  • Rule #2:  Make A Statement With Your Order

Say it loud, say it proud. There’s no shame in your favorite large-caramel-pumpkin-no whip-soy-macchiato.

  • Rule #3: Make Sure They Get Your Name Right

You don’t want your date to put you in their phone as Dana when your name is Dan.

  • Rule #4: Smiling is Always Good

A confident smile is a turn on. Resting cranky face is not a good look.

  • Rule #5: Don’t be a Coffee Shop Cliché

5c24dcb1-c8bd-4566-beea-53a962b79bb8.HRLeave your slam poetry skills and book of haikus at home.

  • Rule #6: Just Be Honest

Get it all out in the open. But maybe save your awkward puberty story for the second date.

  • Rule #7: More Talking, Less Posting

Save your selfies and hashtags for later.

  • Rule #8: End an Awesome Coffee Date with Orbit Gum

Get back that clean feeling after enjoying your coffee, so there’s a chance for a second date.

  • Rule #9: Don’t Be Afraid to Fall in Love

Telling your loved ones you met in a coffee shop is way better than in a bar.

  • Rule #10: Today is the Perfect Day for a Coffee Date

Orbit gum is celebrating National Coffee Day so everyone can have a just brushed clean feeling after enjoying their coffee.

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