Nude Brand Creation Wins At Drinks International Travel Retail Awards

Union_bottle_outer_bNude Brand Creation picked up three highly coveted awards at the Drinks International Travel Retail Awards held at the luxury Hotel Majestic in Cannes in the South of France this week.

The design and branding consultancy was the overall winner of the Best New Packaging of a Drinks Brand for Havana Club Unión.

It was also awarded a gold medal for Ballantine’s Golf Limited Edition in the Best Presentation Box/Gift Set category and gold medal for The Glenlivet, The Winchester Collection in the Best New Packaging of a Drinks Brand category.

And Nude was shortlisted to be the overall winner of two awards: The Ballantine’s Golf Limited Edition for Best Presentation Box/Gift Set and Havana Club Anejo Especial for Best Repackaging of a Drinks Brand.

Bringing Cuban rum and cigars together

Havana Club Unión is an ultra-prestige product in the Havana Club Icónica Collection – a selection of award winning aged rums. It retails at 350 USD, and brand owner Pernod Ricard asked Nude to create a bottle and cabinet that would convey the authentic and timeless style of the brand.

Mike Parsonson, Partner at Nude Brand Creation says: “Our long association with Havana Club has given us a thorough understanding of the heritage and provenance of Cuban rum. With Havana Club Unión we sought to convey that through association with another product that shares its heritage, provenance and sense of luxury: Cuban cigars.

“We were delighted to be recognised for our work at the awards ceremony, not only with Havana Club, but also with Ballantine’s and The Glenlivet.”

Maestros at work

The premium rum is crafted by Havana Club’s Maestro Ronero, Asbel Morales, and Cuba’s most renowned Cigar Master and Sommelier, Fernando Fernández Millán.

The work involved Asbel preparing blends of rare rum reserves before they selected and adjusted them to form a final blend that perfectly matches the smooth and powerful flavour of the Cohiba Siglo VI cigar.

Teaming up

The team at Nude created a bottle and cabinet that harmoniously conveys the partnership between Havana Club and Cohiba.

An elegantly tapered bottle is embellished with an embossed gold metal plaque, while an authenticity seal adorns the shoulders leading up to a collar and stopper.

The sliding cabinet in which the bottle is presented is made from traditional cedar wood and is reminiscent of the traditional humidors used to preserve valuable cigars. A black outer case contrasts with the gold detailing and highlights the rich amber liquid within.

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